How to create your personal brand for success

Personal Branding Action Sheet Lead MagnetBranding is an important aspect of a business’ reputation, used to showcase how they are unique and stand out from the competition. The same can be said for individuals. Personal branding is just as important as your business’ brand and is the key to being in the spotlight as an expert. Personal branding is in […]

How to develop your personal brand statement

How to develop your personal branding statementWhen you attend a networking event this question is inevitable. It’s, “What do you do?” Can you easily answer this question? Can you answer it in a way that other people can remember and repeat it? Because that’s what you want. Before you go networking, you need to figure out how to answer this question […]

Your Personal Branding Secret Weapon: Our FREE Networking Resource Guide

FREE Networking Resource GuideAs it’s the Year of Your Personal Brand, this month it’s all about networking and we’re kicking off by giving you our Personal Branding Secret Weapon: Networking Resource Guide with bonus list of over 500 Networking Groups – for free! Go here for your FREE Networking Resource Guide. The Networking secrets in the Guide are […]

Why is earned media an important part of the marketing mix?

Earned media marketing mixEarned media is one of the latest buzzwords gaining attention in content marketing at the moment. Essentially, earned media is achieved when someone distributes content on your business’ behalf. When someone not associated with your brand mentions you on social media, in an online or offline publication or blogs about you; it is considered earned […]