3 tips for using Snapchat to improve customer loyalty

Snapchat has become one of the most popular must-have social media platforms for individuals as well as businesses.

According to Hootsuite, the platform had an immense increase in its daily users from 5 million in December 2013 to 100 million in December 2016. It also has with over 10 billion videos watched per day, nearing those on Facebook.

The primary users of Snapchat are aged between 18 and 24 years, with more than two-thirds comprising of females. This creates a huge opportunity for businesses to foster customer loyalty, particularly among a younger female demographic.

Here are some simple tips to help you use Snapchat to enhance customer loyalty and improve the reputation for your business.

1.Create intimacy through content

Snapchat allows viewers to see your brand from a closer perspective and have inside knowledge of your business which can build trust and loyalty with followers.

Think about the quirky individual aspects of your business, and visually show your audience how you are different, for instance convey your business’ unique personality with emotions your audience can relate to and engage with. Basic selfies and mundane daily activities won’t be received as well as engaging content. Add a sense of intimacy so your audience can relate to your business.

2. Add value and benefits

Give your audience a good reason to add your business on Snapchat. Along with sharing personal content, offer something that your customers haven’t already seen on Instagram or Facebook. Keep Snapchat’s content separate from other social media channels, and consider uploading exclusive behind the scene photos and videos, running competitions, or pushing out vouchers that add value to your customers’ experience

3. Consistency is key

Aim for consistent content that reflects your brand and the perception you want to create. As Snapchat only captures users’ attention for 10 seconds or less at a time, focus on conveying your message clearly when sharing content. Avoid delivering too many photos or videos to each user’s account as it can be considered as spamming. Instead, utilise the ‘My Story’ mode by posting photos and videos that create a creative and interesting narrative. Consider creating a content calendar, and plan (especially during special events or launches) to consistently release your exclusive content.

Continuing to develop your content on Snapchat can greatly benefit your business’ reputation. The personal insights that Snapchat can give you will allow you to understand your customers better, and can become a valuable social media tool to grow your business.
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