5 awesome Instagram accounts that deserve your attention


Originally released in 2010, Instagram has experienced massive growth, making it one of the largest social media networks. Boasting over 750 million users, Instagram has developed a user base containing individuals of various age groups, background and interests.

The app is dedicated to sharing videos and images, and so it allows users to create, post and share their own content with their followers. This reach can be extended through the use of hashtags and connecting to other social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter. Instagram has also recently added a live video feature, which allows users to share real-time moments as they occur.

Instagram is the perfect place for users to share engaging content in meaningful ways. One such an example of this is our very own Catriona Pollard.

Here are another five awesome Instagram accounts that you should consider following.

  1. Beyoncé


One could argue that Beyoncé is the biggest female performer in the music industry, but if that is not enough, she also holds the title of having one of the biggest Instagram followings in the world. Sitting at a respectable 103 million followers (as of June 2017), Beyoncé currently holds the fourth most followed Instagram account.

Beyoncé also knows exactly how to use Instagram to her advantage. If one were to browse her posts, you will find that most contain a personal element, such as photos with her daughter Ivy Blue Carter, and her husband Jay-Z. It is these kinds of photos that get an overwhelming amount of reactions from her followers. As a matter-of-fact, Beyoncé now holds the record for the most liked photo on Instagram, as the announcement that she was expecting twins has generated over 11 million likes. Personal photos such as this allow fans to see a deeper aspect of her life, while also making her more relatable to the general public.

  1. CD Studios


Photography and drone technology fanatics will find CDStudiosPerth to be a fitting profile to check out. Based in Western Australia, this Instagram account focuses on capturing the beautiful locations in Western Australia, while also sneaking in some shots from their travels around the globe.

The account features various photos and videos of varying subjects, including the beautiful ocean and beaches, the wildlife, and some of the world’s most famous landmarks, such as the Sydney Opera House.

CD Studios has created a page that feels personal. Followers are able to engage with the content in a meaningful way. They might have visited one of these locations in the past, and seeing an image could reignite fond memories that they have for that place. Alternatively, coming across artistic depictions of locations such as the photos presented could provide future travel inspiration for followers.

  1. The Design Files


The Design Files is Australia’s most popular design blog. With a total of 254,000 followers, it’s clear that they have developed a large, dedicated following of users. The Design Files profile posts a variety of content, including posts related to interior design, art, food, and spotlight posts on creative individuals.

It is these spotlight posts that truly separate The Design Files from other Instagram accounts. The spotlights not only provide a focus on individuals that are deserving of such coverage, but they also provide the opportunity for Instagram users to follow the artist after seeing The Design Files’ spotlight, thus increasing their audience.

  1. Okka Wikka


Okka Wikka is a group of remote Australian visual artists, who aim to reimagine designs and practices from their ancestral landscape. Okka Wikka has a small but dedicated following on its Instagram page, where the group shares their work and creations in progress with Indigenous members of the community.

It is through this sense of community where Okka Wikka excel. Sharing the works of individuals and their interactions with each other highlights the aboriginal culture that remains a large part in the lives of these individuals and also provides the opportunity to teach people about the various art forms that are present within Aboriginal history.

  1. The Sydney Morning Herald


With around 95,000 followers, the official account of The Sydney Morning Herald regularly posts photos and images related to trending topics in the news each day.

Every Thursday, The Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) takes an interesting approach with the content that it shares to Instagram. In contribution to the throwback Thursday hashtag, once a week older images of Sydney are posted to the profile, which highlights how much the location has changed as years have passed by. Although, it also shows how long The Sydney Morning Herald and Fairfax Media have been a part of our lives. The paper’s longevity indicates a consistent level of quality that the paper has maintained in order to please consumers for such a long period of time.

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