5 PR tactics you should be using right now

It’s always a good idea to every so often take a deep look into your business and think about what steps can be taken in order to improve it. If you’ve set a goal to improve your PR, then we’ve got 5 great suggestions that you can use.

1. Increase your social media activity

Do you have a social media profile you don’t use often? Then how about you change that by becoming more active on social media and increase the benefits for your business.

Social media is a great communication tool which can help to build your reputation, gain valuable customer feedback, attract new customers and position yourself or your business as an expert in your industry.

Get active on social media by commenting on other people’s posts, sharing engaging content and creating a social media strategy. You should also dedicate enough time to create a strong presence online and gain more followers.

Building an online profile can be time consuming but there are some time saving tricks to help you. You may also want to consider hiring a social media agency to take care of your social media and to help you get even more results.

2. Come up with a PR strategy

Do you want to see your business appearing in a number of media outlets? If so, you can achieve this by developing a PR strategy for your business.

A PR strategy will help you target your communication to the right audience and the right publications at the right time. A strategy can also help you to define your target audience and allow you to develop the right key messages to communicate to them.

Without a strategy, you won’t have a clear goal for your PR activities, which will make it difficult to measure your success. If this sounds too difficult then you can always employ a PR agency to help you raise your profile in the media.

3. Follow the news

To find media opportunities for your business you need to read the news and media publications to stay up to date on current events and industry news. This will help you to find current newsworthy angles to help promote your business.

Start by regularly reading the publications you want to be featured in and the publications related to your industry. This will help you get to know the topics these publications cover, the names of key journalists and what each journalist specialises in. This knowledge will help you to tailor your media pitches, which will give you a better chance of gaining a media interview or getting an article published.

4. Get comfortable with public speaking

If you’re truly interested in raising your business’ profile, you should consider doing so through public speaking.

Speaking at conferences and events is a great way to position yourself and your business as an expert and a thought leader in your industry. It can also lead to a range of new opportunities for your business and generate an increase in customers or clients.

You don’t need to be a professional speaker, you just need to have an expert knowledge in a particular field, be able to speak clearly and have an engaging presence on stage.

Your first steps to becoming a public speaker should involve choosing an area of expertise you want to build your profile in. This is usually related to your profession and enables you to promote your business. Next you can start volunteering to speak at events in your industry or join networking groups which offer speaking opportunities.

5. Pitch yourself to the media

Sometimes, while you’re browsing through the latest news articles you’ll find a key competitor of yours is being featured. The sight of this might be frustrating, but understand that you could be in the same place if you were to start contacting and pitching interesting story ideas to journalists.

To do so successfully, you must consider many aspects. Firstly, you need to critically examine what you have to offer in order to determine if it’s a newsworthy piece that a journalist would be interested in.

Furthermore, when pitching to a journalist you should serve up the most compelling content in a short, summarized format so that they can see the most crucial information immediately. Finally, you should also take advantage of breaking news stories and putting your own spin on them. This might be by providing an expert quote or an interesting point of view that’s relevant to the topic.

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