5 ways to bounce back from work or life rejection

Everyone experiences rejection at some point in their lives. Sometimes the disappointment and frustration from rejection can make us forget that it happens and that it isn’t always in our control. It’s simply a part of life.

It could be not getting that call back after a fun date you had last weekend or that promotion you were working hard towards. Sometimes rejection is okay as it encourages us to not only move on with life but makes us emotionally stronger.

Everyone deals with rejection differently. However, how you choose to deal with rejection can make a big difference in how you bounce back.

Here are some useful tips on how to face rejection and get back on your feet:

  1. Life carries on

    Don’t allow the rejection to stop you moving forward and trying again. Although it can be hard, see it as a way to make you stronger and more focused. And don’t allow it to define you.

  2. Take rejection with a grain of salt

    This can be hard, but sit with how the rejection makes you feel and face it. It’s OK to feel sad or disappointed. Try not to respond with negative self-talk, but with true compassion for yourself and the situation.

  3. Look elsewhere

    A rejection may mean it’s an opportunity to do something different. You are surrounded by new opportunities every day, but it’s possible you’re not seeing them. Take a moment to reflect and consider what else is possible for you right now.

  4. Talk to friends

    I know I have certain friends that are on speed dial when I’m dealing with rejection. When you are challenging the status quo or reaching for that goal, reach out for support when you’re pushing through a ‘no’ to help you get to the next level.

  5. Be a go-getter

    Learn from the situation and then with new growth and wisdom, take action. When it comes down to it, you have to take action to achieve success. Sometimes you have to face the fear and do it anyway.

I believe rejection means that you’re living outside your comfort zone. It means you are brave enough to take risks and have new experiences. And that is a good thing because you are experiencing life completely.

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