Expanding your business using social media

Would you like to find ways to engage with online audiences and expand your business horizons? Social media can help secure your business’ long term survival, by connecting you with potential customers.

Starting a new business can be daunting and finding ways to promote growth equally challenging. Social media has the ability to connect entrepreneurs with audiences, helping grow their contacts. It has the ability to increase visibility, facilitate networking with followers and allow your content to reach its target audience with ease.

Social networking defined            

Social networking involves developing relationships by leveraging your online presence. How you conduct yourself online and the impact of this presence has a strong and lasting impact on your personal brand and business.

It is important not to focus too strongly on using social networking to gain new business, rather see it as an opportunity to build a support system for your business. Developing strong social networks online can help create a referral system for your business, which can ultimately help to stimulate new business.

Getting started with social networking

Leveraging your Facebook connections

Facebook is a particularly powerful social media platform. Use it to build your profile, engage with consumers and promote your business. Facebook relationships act as gateway to a wider audience and potential customers.

By keeping your posts concise, upbeat and relevant, your content has a greater chance of catching your audience’s attention, while simultaneously increasing the shareability factor.

Make use of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is another effective means for developing online connections. LinkedIn is a networking tool that can connect you with your peers and influencers within your field. It can help generate a great support system for your business as well as possible new opportunities.

On LinkedIn, entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to display their expertise, experience and thought leadership. In order to make the most out of LinkedIn be sure to set up a detailed profile, and regularly post interesting content that will appeal to your connections.

Use Twitter to engage with audiences

Twitter is a fantastic platform as it is content heavy and suitably fast paced, however this pace can be overwhelming. Yet it is an advantageous platform for those able to harness its power. It allows an interactive relationship to develop between your business, consumers and peers, solidifying relationships between the two.

It can offer a human element to your organisation by allowing real time conversations and dialogue to take place.

The final thing to remember is that your network can never be too big. Networking platforms, such as those mentioned above, are a wonderful means for connecting with peers, consumers and ultimately like-minded audiences. By entering into a dialogue with audiences online, you are able to gain insightful advice and inspiration that can help you develop professionally throughout your career.

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