How to make your key messages interesting

How to make your key messages interesting

Key messages are the core messages you want your target audience to hear and remember. They can be used in all of your communication such as your website, in media releases, during media interviews, at networking functions and any time you need to describe your business.
A large part of public relations is repetition. The more times your target audience hears, reads or learns your key messages, the better recall they will have about your brand.

Here are some tips to help make your key messages memorable.

Make them original

Make your key messages unique and specific to your business in order to differentiate your business from its competitors. This way they will stand out more with your target audience.

Keep it short
Write your key messages as short sentences. Long winded and complicated messages are harder to remember. This will help your business and your customers to remember them as well as making them adaptable to any situation.

Don’t have too many

If you are creating key messages for your business you should aim to have around three or four key messages for each target audience. Concentrating on only a few messages will have a bigger impact and be more memorable.

Consider your audience
If your business communicates with a number of different target audiences consider creating specific key messages for each target audience.

For instance, if your business targets both large and small businesses, you may want to think about having key messages for both segments as each has specific needs and may require a different approach.

Focus on the benefits
Focus more on the benefits your business can offer your audience to make your key messages more appealing. Key messages should never be purely sales orientated. Think about how you would like people to see your business.

Avoid jargon

Make your key messages simple and easy to understand by avoiding the use of industry related jargon. This will help your key messages to be understood by a wider range of people.

Update them
It is important to review your key messages on a regular basis for example, once a year or when the business goes through a change. For instance, perhaps you’ve added a new service or are targeting a new customer base. Your key messages will need updating to reflect these new changes.

Key messages are the foundation of a strong PR and communication strategy. They will help to ensure your target audience views your business in a certain way and can help to build greater brand awareness.

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