Here are a few words from our clients:

“Catriona shared an incredible amount of information and uncovered many crucial tips and tools to managing the media. What I found most valuable was how she invested a lot of time delving into my business and made sure I had a confidence to managing media interviews. I left the workshop feeling truly inspired and capable to tackle media for the business.” Ivanka Ruvarac, Marketing Manager.

“The media training was invaluable. The tips learned in the session can be applied to different scenarios – like speaking with third parties (which I do regularly), carrying out/preparing presentations etc. The tips about trying to remain in control of the line of questioning and being able to broaden the conversation topic was also extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend Catriona as a media trainer to others. She is both passionate and competent in what she delivers and has the ability to communicate the techniques in an easy to understand, common sense approach.” Brett Hayward, Essential Energy

“I would recommend Catriona as a media trainer. I found her easy to understand and she wasn’t afraid to critique when needed. She was extremely well prepared which I found refreshing and she put together examples relevant to our organisation.”

“I thought the training was very valuable in that it provided an overview of how the media industry works, what motivates journalists and the importance of media to the local community. That understanding provided confidence in how to deal and respond to media enquiries. In addition, the training provided valuable experience in how to plan and prepare for a media interaction by having an interview conducted for print and radio. Catriona also did well in explaining the need to develop a narrative and use the interview as an opportunity to share that narrative as well as bringing in your key messages. Catriona covered all the aspects of an interview and the techniques to use when asked certain questions.” Paul, Essential Energy

“I would absolutely recommend Catriona as a media trainer. Catriona did a lot of prep work to understand contemporary issues facing Essential Energy in the media and devised questions for the practical sessions she ran. She demonstrated great knowledge in her ability to formulate responses to challenging media questions and shared has expertise in developing techniques to adopt that.” Jane, Essential Energy

“In just 3 hours, Catriona offered the insight of more than 20 years in PR industry, where she was able to provide live examples and really practical thinking to promote your company, and really think through on how you amplify your story. Just a really competent presenter who is able to inspire, I think that’s what stands out.” – Angela Fox, MD, DELL EMC

“Her breadth of knowledge in regards to the ever-changing environment which is social media was outstanding. The fact that Catriona effectively uses so many of the social media platforms allows her to give inside information and time saving practical tips. I would definitely recommend Catriona’s workshops.” – Kate Ramm

“Thanks Catriona for a well-structured and informative workshop-presentation on PR and media engagement. The session provided not only great and easy to understand content but, working with everyone in the session, Catriona provided practical PR advice and recommendations across a variety of industries and businesses. I would highly recommend attending Catriona’s workshops on PR and social media.” – Simon Hall

“I would love to recommend Catriona as a fabulous speaker. Her presentation gets to the “right” level wherever you are sitting on the topic. Her takeaways are also so practical and easy to follow that you will be up and running immediately. Or your skills will be strengthened to that deeper level. I wholeheartedly recommend Catriona without hesitation.” – Monica Brewer

“Thank you very much for a brilliant seminar. The practical way of your presentation made me understand PR and your simple strategies will help me in many ways. All my questions were answered and you gave me very useful and new ideas.” – Sandy Bröcking

“Catriona has a warm and approachable style, and great insight into the realities of achieving results in PR. Her PR workshop was really practical and I would highly recommend it.” – Tamerlaine Beasley

“Congratulations on a great workshop presentation at the Macquarie University Women, Management and Work conference in Sydney. You gave lots of practical, time efficient social media tips, tactics and tricks. Well done. You certainly contributed to the success of the 2 day conference.” – Robyn Henderson

“Catriona Pollard provided an informative, engaging and very practical workshop. Her passion for PR and extensive knowledge so generously shared in her presentation made an excellent contribution to this important annual event.” – Kerry Fallon Horgan

“I thoroughly enjoyed your PR presentation. It was one of the most practical and valuable courses I have attended. I was inspired by your positive approach to business and communication. Thank you!” – Mairead Veeneklaas

“Catriona certainly knows her stuff and delivered on every objective offered in the course outline. The material presented and the depth of knowledge she displayed is priceless. I cannot recommend this course highly enough to anyone that wants to maximise their publicity. The skills I was taught during the one day workshop were immediately put in place the second I got back into the office and have already provided results. If you think PR is just about sending Press Releases, then you need to book into this course!” – Hayley Dean

“Catriona shared an absolute wealth of information, and created an atmosphere where participation was welcomed and encouraged. I would highly recommend her presentations to anyone wishing to improve their communication skills, regardless of your occupation”. – Honey Muir

“Catriona’s wealth of knowledge and experience combined with her lively and interactive presentation, meant that I was able to walk away with an outline of my PR plan and the tools to implement into the business almost immediately. I highly recommend Catriona.” – Victoria Sharp

“Her expertise and experience shone through – she knows what she’s talking about. I would heartily recommend Catriona Pollard to anyone.” – Cathy Hopkins

Catriona’s session was highly inspiring. She is very interactive and engaged with the audience. Her information was broken down into a nice bite sized pieces that we all openly discuss and share. – Deborah Harrigan

“I would strongly recommend other business owners to attend any presentation run by her. The information she supplied regarding what was possible in terms of public relations was well laid out, easy to understand and took away the fear factor I previously ever experienced when considering the PR route.” – Helen

“Catriona is a thought leader in her field who willingly shares her knowledge and insight to allow others to stand in their own spotlight. Her training is engaging, informative and grabs the attention of the audience from start to finish….with questions continuing well after her close. I could have listened to her for so much longer and will be following up to organise next steps. For anyone looking for inspiration, understanding and practical learnings, Catriona is your PR expert and go to.” – Janine Garner

“Love listening to passionate people talk about what they love, brilliant workshop” – Sarah Riegelhuth

“Catriona was excellent. Very entertaining, full of knowledge and remarkably pleased to share her tips as a true professional.” – Lucy Marshall

“Catriona was a fantastic presenter with lots of great applied examples of lessons.” –Nicole Miller

“I found her delivery engaging, informative and helpful. Catriona is certainly a leader in PR. She has a passion for her work and is generous in sharing her knowledge. I would highly recommend any of Catriona’s training.” – Dianne Masri

“Catriona is warm, friendly and receptive to all comments/questions. It’s very encouraging to hear success stories (as well as what’s unsuccessful) from someone so experienced, and her confidence is definitely contagious.” – Annie Vaughan

“Excellent – Catriona has an inclusive, friendly style that, at the same time, is commercially very savvy.” – Natasha Brooks