Print vs. online coverage? Is one better than the other?

Print vs. online coverage Is one better than the other

The growth of online has had a huge impact on the traditional media landscape. Media outlets are now shifting online to meet the demand for faster information, and bloggers have more influence and credibility than ever before. Content is delivered quickly, more frequently and 24 hours a day.

Getting publicity for your business is no longer simply about column inches in a newspaper or magazine, it is also about gaining page views, likes and shares online.When securing media coverage for your business, you can expect and should aim for it to be across both print and online.

So which is the better medium? Print or online? Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both.

Print is not dead!
There has been much said about the decline of print publications as a result of the growth of online. However, print publications are still here, still widely read and still preferred by many audiences.
When looking to secure media coverage for your business, it is essential you be featured in the media that your target audience reads. For many people this continues to be print media.

Depth of content
Online articles are written specifically for the web and tend to be more concise than print, as it makes it easier to read and scan on a computer screen. Print publications can provide opportunities for longer, more in-depth feature articles. This provides a great opportunity to tell your business’ story in more detail.

People read print and online stories differently
Research shows that people tend to read online content in a different way than print. On the web, the reader is less likely to read an article in full, maybe viewing multiple webpages at once, and can be distracted by links to other stories.

In contrast, readers are more likely to take the time to read print articles in full, and it has been argued that print stories can have a longer lasting impact.

Increase your readership
While it is true many people still read print publications, print readership on a whole is reducing in favour of online. Many readers choose to read their news online exclusively, and it seems this trend will only continue.

Online coverage has greater potential to reach a wider audience than print. Not only does it capture readers who no longer read print media, the accessibility of the web means you can reach a greater pool of people.

Drive traffic to your website
The great thing about online coverage is it can help drive traffic to your business’ website. Readers interested in your business can immediately connect with you, which can lead to increased conversions and sales for your business.

Help people find you
By getting your content online, you can improve your website’s SEO and help your customers find you. The more links to your website and the more fresh content you feature on your website, the better you will rank on search engines.

Readers can engage with you and share your story
With the rise of social media, readers can now share and recommend your articles and media coverage. This can create a group of advocates for your brand, and extend your readership and network considerably.

Further, giving readers the chance to engage with stories by adding their comments extends the conversation about your brand with the people that matter the most; your customers.

In the end, both print and online are an important part of the public relations mix. Both are an integral part of a good PR strategy and can help you meet your business objectives in different ways.

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