The right mix of media exposure, great content and social dialogue can be the spark you need to amplify your brand, elevate you above the noise and boost sales.

Getting noticed in today’s fast moving world takes more than a one-off media release or short-lived Facebook promotion. It takes strategy, great content, tenacity and a desire to push creative boundaries.

Sydney public relations agency, CP Communications blends cutting-edge offline and online PR and social media to help you gain a competitive advantage, increase your profile and drive sales.

We are experts in finding that sweet spot that drives success for your business. We work closely with you to really understand the nuances of your business and craft a highly tailored and creative strategy geared for success.

It’s customised public relations that thinks long-term about your reputation and business, and successfully drives sales.

We’re inventive. We’re tenacious. We’re driven. And we do whatever it takes to get results for you.

How we can help you

We get results.


We are media relations experts and develop public relations programs that achieve great articles and interviews, that are not only great for your profile and reputation, but great for business.

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Everyone needs a personal brand, whether you are just starting out, running a business or work within a corporation. We have helped thousands of people uncover theirs through PR programs, workshops and mentoring.

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We mentor and coach anyone who needs to learn about PR, personal branding and social media to transform their business and personal brand.

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We facilitate highly interactive, tailored, hands-on training, exploring and developing a personal brand, the crucial skill of storytelling, and how amplify your profile to the people that matter.

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Catriona Pollard is one of Australia’s most dynamic and inspiring presenters. Her insights into personal branding, communications, creativity and entrepreneurship never fail to enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences.

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CP Communications offers comprehensive training in public relations, networking, managing the media and social media which is tailored for your team and organisation.

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