Why you should be taking the time out to play

Life and business can get a little hectic at times, especially when you’re drowning in emails and messages and feel like you can’t take a breath.

It leaves you feeling rundown, burnt out and as if work is consuming every part of your life. Even though it may seem impossible, taking a break and ‘playing’ is essential for you business and a healthy mind.

When you’re leading a busy life you can struggle with creativity or get stuck, having this play time can enhance your creativity and imagination, problem-solving abilities and your mental wellbeing.

These five reasons are why you should be having some play time.

1. Say ‘bye!’ to stress

Play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins. The constant email notifications and deadlines can be very stressful so engaging in relaxing and enjoyable activities lowers the ‘stress hormone’. Having a hobby where you can sit down for a few hours and block out the constant noise of society can work wonders for your mental health and stress levels.

2. Make work more fun

Too often successful people close their minds and hearts to the concept of slowing down but become very fond of burning themselves out. Play at work encourages us to take more creative risks and think more innovatively. I know from personal experience that it increases energy and prevents burnout. It helps you see problems in new ways.

3. Feel youthful

As we grow old, we not only ignore play but yearn to be young again. Play is not only essential for children; adults need it just as much. Playing can boost your energy and vitality, improving your resistance to disease. Picking up a craft may give you a sense of nostalgia of your childhood, when you did crafts in primary school.

4. Activate your mind

Engaging in slow and creative activities has been proven to benefit the brain by working both hemispheres. We need to actively tap into logic and problem solving, but also the creative and imaginative side of our minds.

5. Reconnect to the world around you

Play helps with reconnecting to moments in time. We are so disconnected from nature in this digital world that we’re barely pay attention to what’s around us. Moments are missed because we are more concerned with the iPhone in our hand, than simple moments of joy.

It is important to find an outlet when you’re feeling stressed. It can give you a break from all of the work and can even push you to go places you’ve never been before with your company. It can help you overcome challenges and become a stronger person.

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