Three quick tips for a stand out elevator statement

Ever get stuck when asked what you do? As an elevator statemententrepreneur or expert leader in your industry, be it during an interview or while networking, you need to be able to clearly and articulately describe who you are and what you do.

This is what we call an ‘elevator statement’. A quick summary you can use in a situation where you need to explain your role and profession in a clear and concise way.

Whether you’re trying to gain the interest of a potential customer, trying to get the attention of a journalist or simply explaining what you do, having a strong elevator statement is essential.

It’s perfect to use when you need to explain to someone with limited knowledge of your industry what you do, how you do it and who you do it for. It should be simple, short, concise and easy to understand.

Here are three quick tips for rocking your elevator statement:

Write down what you do

Get a pen and paper out and write what you do in different ways. Don’t be too particular at this stage as this first step is for generating ideas and getting a feel for descriptive words.

When writing down what you do, be sure to include what you or your organisation does. Identify what makes you, your organisation or your business idea unique.

Keep in mind your elevator statement should be exciting and memorable. Think about using visual language to describe your role and organisation.

Get another opinion

Once you have made necessary edits and perfected your statement to fit into a 30-60 second time frame, run it by as many people as you can. It helps to do this practice with people you trust that already have some understanding of what you do so they can best provide feedback. 

Practice, practice, practice

Now you have your final statement. Write it down and memorise it so you are comfortable delivering it in any situation.

Being able to confidently and clearly articulate your elevator statement is an important skill that can be learned by consistently practicing.

Having a well thought out and practiced statement will help you be seen as more confident and increase your chance of making a good first impression.

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