Use the power of publishing podcasts and video podcasts

Use the power of publishing podcasts and video podcasts

Podcast is digital file that is distributed over the Internet for playback on portable media (Mp3) players, iPods and personal computers.

Podcasts involve recording either audio or video material for other people to listen to when they want and where they want. They are extremely useful in a society where people are constantly on the go.

Podcasts are the perfect way to get your message heard and all you need is a computer and microphone to record one. Once you have finished recording you can post your podcast on several websites such as iTunes.

You can use podcasts to market your own business messages or those of your clients. You can also search for other peoples podcasts and listen to the information that they have recorded.

Free podcast software is Podcast Alley where you can search for topics and download them easily onto your computer.  One of the most popular programs for recording podcasts is Audacity. This program is easy to use and most importantly free!

Depending on the style of your business, a videopodcast might be an interesting way to visually show what you do to the public. A videopodcast is more than just audio, it also includes video. You can use a digital video camera and upload it to iTunes. You may even consider placing video footage on YouTube.

The first step is to create a concept, and when it is time to shoot keep in mind that it will be watched on an iPod, so get close and don’t use wide-screen or high contrast.

Once you have your video you need to compress it so it is optimised for the web and iPod viewing. You also need to tag your movie so it can be easily found online. There are instructions on the internet, so Google this.

You need to let people know that your video podcast exists. To reach as many people as possible, submit your podcast to iTunes. You can also provide a URL for your podcast by including it in your blog. First create an RSS feed  so that you can attach your video to your blog.

Then create an entry in your blog and then place a link to your video. You can also add your podcast to the Podcast Directory and

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