CP Communications provides tailored in-house training that empowers you and your team to use social media effectively.

  • Do you need to up-skill your team in social media?
  • Want to integrate social media into your organisation?
  • Want to learn the latest techniques and strategies to make social media work for you?
  • Have you started social media, but lost direction and not getting the results you need?

Our training covers theory, with an emphasis on hands-on and practical activities for both individuals and groups. A comprehensive workbook is provided with real life examples and notes that can be referenced after the workshop.

Social media training workshops can run from a few hours to all day, and can be held at your offices or at a venue that suits you. Our social media training workshops are specifically tailored to you, your organisation’s or group’s needs.


Guide to Social Media Success

Is social media something you think is just for GenYs to share funny cat photos on? If you have wondered how your business could benefit from a social media strategy including blogging, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn yet have no idea where to start, this workshop is for you.

Learn all about blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube, and how to leverage the opportunities they offer, especially in a business or enterprise sense.

In this social media workshop, you will get an understanding of the social media tools. We will take you step-by-step through each platform and offer practical tactics you can use to interact in various social media spaces, as well as look at how to create content to expand your visibility and online reputation.

We discuss how to develop authentic social media profiles as well as real life case studies.

This workshop covers:

  • What is social media?
  • How to actively participate in your community
  • Covering the platforms you want to learn about such as blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Building your online brand using social media

Refining your social media – getting results through a strategic approach

Having social media accounts in place for your organisation is one thing, but ensuring they are a part of an overall strategy is another. In this workshop, you will learn practical tactics you can immediately apply in multiple social media environments. You’ll learn to identify what channels are best for your role, as well as look at how to create content to expand your visibility and online reputation.

Learn how it’s a powerful tool for customer engagement and brand building and its influence will only continue to grow.

This workshop covers:

  • The objectives: What are you aiming to accomplish? Are you looking for more leads, more direct sales, greater brand awareness, conversions, or brand engagement?
  • Where is your target audience? Define you target audience, and ask is your audience using social media? Where are they online?
  • Using the right social media channel. What is the best channel for target your audiences? We look at the characteristics of the type of social media you want to have a presence on and how your audiences will fit with them.
  • Your social media team. Assigning resources and key people to accounts is essential. You need to have key performance indicators and direction for your team. In this session we also cover social media policy.
  • Strategies for success. We look at key social media tactics for platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Looking at real life case studies, you will also have the opportunity to develop new strategies as well as explore how you can enhance you own activities.
  • How do you measure success? We look at key measurement tools and also what success means to you.

We also look at their application for customer support, market research, brand management, collaboration, marketing and business development. We discuss how to develop authentic social media profiles as well as real life case studies.

Social Media Platforms Masterclass

Want to dive deep into one or two specific social media platforms? Talk to us about running a business masterclass on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogging.  We can cover the basics right through to advanced tactics in as much detail as you need.

Tailored social media training

A workshop can be tailored based on your current social media and communications plan and skills gap. Training will involve a meeting and specific strategy suggestions that will significantly impact the success of your current strategy. This includes a social media audit and having a social media consultant available for the day to provide specific strategy advice.

What training participants say about us:

Training is conducted by Catriona Pollard.

Catriona is renowned for being an inspiring presenter that shares practical skills and expertise so attendees can immediately implement what they’ve learnt to see real results.

She has shared her dynamic and practical expertise with thousands of people both in Australia and around the world for organisations such as TEDx, DELL, CeBIT, Problogger, Women on Boards, CEO Institute, Commonwealth Bank and Macquarie University, just to name a few.

Catriona is passionate about social media, public relations, business and bringing them all together to create real financial success for entrepreneurs and organisations.

Her book, From Unknown To Expert, provides a step-by-step framework designed to help entrepreneurs develop effective PR and social media strategies to become recognised as influencers in their field. www.UnknownToExpert.com

As an early adopter of social media in the Australian PR industry she created the popular blog Public Relations Sydney that led to her being labelled as a leading public relations blogger. Public Relations Sydney was also listed as the top two business blog in Australia by SmartCompany. Catriona is also listed as one of the top 100 PR people worldwide to follow on Twitter.

Learn the latest techniques and strategies to make social media work for you and your team today. For in-house training and enquiries please contact us by completing the form below. We'd love to hear from you!

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