Personal branding training is the key to cultivating your most valuable asset.

Knowing how to represent yourself, your values, and your expertise and communicate this to your target audience succinctly is key to success.

Discovering your personal brand is transformational because it forms the basis for connection with others, and this connection is what inspires us and the people we influence.

Your personal brand impacts your leadership style, your team and the organisation you lead.

Catriona Pollard has trained thousands of people in developing authentic and powerful personal brands through workshops, mentoring and presentations.

“We had the pleasure of Catriona running an onsite Personal Brand workshop for our female leadership development program. She is a wonderful facilitator and speaker, sharing her personal experiences and insights and really engaging with the group.

The workshop material was easy to follow and there were plenty of practical activities included so that we came away with something tangible to keep working on. It was fun as well as valuable and I would absolutely recommend working with Catriona and attending her workshops!” Lana Thornycroft

Having a strong personal brand will help you stand out, build connections and improve job opportunities such as landing that coveted client, career advancement within your organisation and being highly sought after for your skills and service.

Highly interactive and tailored personal branding training

In this highly interactive and tailored training, you’ll explore and develop your personal brand, the crucial skill of storytelling, and how amplify your profile across an organisation.

Facilitated by Catriona Pollard, an experienced personal branding trainer, the interactive and practical presentations and workshops enable participants to identify their own personal brand and implement practical steps on how to convey their personal brand both online and offline effectively.

Don’t leave your or your employees personal brand to chance

Through this highly engaging personal branding training, participants learn why a personal brand is a valuable asset as it’s what you’re known for and how people experience or perceive you both in person and online. Through personal branding you are purposely defining the impression that people have of you rather than leaving it to chance.

It’s the key to gaining trust with the people that matter to you including your boss, peers, team and your stakeholders.

In this personal branding training, participants explore and develop a personal brand, the crucial skill of storytelling, and how amplify a profile across an organisation or industry.

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“Love listening to passionate people talk about what they love, brilliant workshop” – Sarah

“Excellent – Catriona has an inclusive, friendly style that, at the same time, is commercially very savvy.” – Natasha

Personal Branding Training agenda

Each workshop is specifically developed for each organisation and scenario. As a result of participating in this training participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the importance and relevance of a personal brand for everyone including leaders.
  • Identify and develop their own personal brand which they can use across an organisation.
  • Develop their authentic personal brand statement which can be used verbally and in writing (i.e. while networking or on LinkedIn bio)
  • Uncover their stories including their “why” story and influencer/leader story and know how to use them.
  • Identify opportunities to increase the visibility of their personal brand.
  • Have developed the skills to amplify their personal profiles across an organisation.

Personal Branding Training Delivery

The Personal Braining Training can be delivered as short seminars or delivered as interactive half or full day workshops for corporate teams, tailored to your organisation. We also offer mentoring packages for specific skill development and support.

About the trainer

Catriona Pollard is one of Australia’s most dynamic and inspiring trainers and speakers. Her insights into personal branding and communications never fail to enlighten, entertain and inspire audiences.

With over 20 years of experience in communications and branding, she is an international speaker, TEDx presenter, popular media commentator and leader of a highly successful public relations agency.

Catriona is author of acclaimed book, From Unknown To Expert, which has helped thousands of people across the globe to build their personal brand, use PR and social media to grow their careers and businesses, and inspire them to take action.

Catriona has shared her dynamic and practical expertise with leaders both in Australia and around the world and has run training programs for organisations including DELL, CeBIT, Women on Boards, CEO Institute, Commonwealth Bank, Brita, Outdoor Media Association, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Macquarie University and University of Sydney.

She is renowned for being an inspiring presenter who shares her personal insights and experience to help others, whether it’s with practical advice or shared wisdom.

With every presentation Catriona aims to ensure her audience takes away useful insights, specific skills and knowledge that will help them succeed in business and life.

She has a reputation for being professional, easy to work with, inspiring and a provider of practical skills that participants feel confident to implement straight away.

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