Accelerated PR, Personal Branding and Media Mentoring and Coaching Program

  • Started your business, but not sure if your media ideas are going to hit the mark?
  • Developed your PR strategy but need guidance and a sounding board?
  • In a new PR role and want some support from an expert?
  • Have no idea about your personal brand and need assistance in developing it?

“Wow, Catriona is truly an amazing mentor. She has incredible knowledge and expertise which she uses to guide you to achieve the PR outcomes you seek. She is generous, refreshing and energetic yet very grounded in her approach.” – Babette Bensoussan

I arrived with zero public relations experience and left feeling fully equipped to create media-friendly stories that showcase my expertise and speak to my target audience. In fact, the very first story I pitched to a journalist was published. – Anthony Berrick

We mentor and coach entrepreneurs, start-ups, authors, speakers, business owners, managers, CEOs, topic experts, coaches, consultants, newbies to PR, marketing managers and anyone wanting to learn about PR, personal branding and social media and transform their business and personal brand.

Some of the issues we have covered include:

  • Developing an overall PR strategy
  • Brainstorming media angles
  • Developing a personal brand and how to amplify it
  • Understanding the media landscape – what is news and how does it work?
  • How to interact with the media including handling persistent or negative journalists
  • What to ask when a journalist calls i.e. when there is breaking news, a sensitive story, when a journalist wants more information about something, especially when you don’t know much about the situation
  • Interview planning – making sure you have the right messages and have assessed risks and are prepared for curly questions
  • Preparing for a live TV interview with practice sessions
  • Planning, organising and controlling a media interview – techniques that keep you on track
  • How to stay on message and keep interviews within safe boundaries

Learn from one of the best in industry

Imagine getting coached one-on-one by one of Australia’s leading PR, personal branding and social media experts who has achieved millions of dollars worth of media coverage for herself and her clients.

Catriona has taught thousands of people around the world to become highly paid and sought after experts and thought leaders.

Catriona has first-hand experience in moving from unknown to expert. She started her business with nothing, in the sunroom of her rented apartment. She had to figure out how she could become a well-recognised expert in PR to drive sales for her fledgling business.

Her transformation to an international speaker, TEDx presenter, global media commentator, author and leader of a highly successful public relations agency has been the result of consistent media pitching and following her Unknown To Expert 5 Star System. In 2015 she was named as one of Australia’s most influential women entrepreneurs.

What you will learn in the PR and Media Coaching Program

We offer a one-on-one accelerated coaching program that is specially designed for you. We take you through an analysis of where you are and where you want to be, and then develop a highly tailored program.

Working directly with Catriona you’ll learn skills and techniques that will help you achieve business and/or career success.

Contact us  to discuss how this  personalised Accelerated Coaching Program can truly transform and accelerate your personal, career or business growth.

Spotlight Mentoring/Coaching

Need help with a specific issue? Have a media interview and need coaching to maximise the opportunity? Want to talk through your PR strategy with an expert? Need to nut out your personal brand?

Book the Spotlight Mentoring/Coaching with Catriona Pollard which is personalised one-on-one mentoring via Zoom/Teams or at the CPC office. Contact us for more information.