Creativity changed my life – and my business

Everyone is creative in their own way. Whether it is music, engineering, or salsa dancing, there is a medium for everyone to flex their creative muscles. I have always had a talent for thinking out of the box, which saw me thrive in creative pursuits like writing and art.

When I started my business, I was constantly looking for ways to succeed. But I felt like I was burning out.

Running my business was absolutely consuming my entire life. It was my entire life. I assumed that putting all of my energy into my business would yield success, but I was very wrong.

If someone had told me creativity was the key 15 years ago when I started my business, I wouldn’t have believed them, but rather laughed. But that’s exactly what has happened.

Creativity enhances your business

I conduct weaving workshops with my team, my office is overflowing with my sculptures, and I hold my own exhibitions.

And my business is better for it. There are still challenges, things don’t always go to plan, but how I respond to these situations is heightened with creativity and innovation. Rather than feel inundated and paralysed, I see the opportunities that are only limited by my imagination and creativity.

Find an outlet

I went through a process of reflection on what I wanted out of my business and my life, as the two were inextricably linked. I realised my ability to cope with change was being impaired; my creativity was being sapped. I needed to figure out a way to slow down and allow myself the space to problem solve and be innovative in responding to challenges.

I needed to find an outlet for my creativity that was tactile and not about perfection but more about exploration and play. I wanted to think in new ways and use creativity to gain new insights and perspectives.

Looking back now, I found an outlet that was opposite to my world as a business owner. I discovered the art of sculptural basketry – an art form that goes back to our primal roots and hasn’t changed for thousands of years. It was feminine, introverted, meditative and nature-based; compared to my entrepreneur life which was masculine, extroverted, technological and fast-paced.

Changing for the better

I began responding to change in new and unexpected ways. I wrote a book; I launched an online, productised side to my business. I started to work with my team in different ways so the business could leverage the collective strength of our ideas. The business became more stable, but more importantly, I felt more in control of where I wanted to take the business and what its purpose in my life was.

Through art, I was able to change how I saw things. It helped me to overcome business challenges and appreciate risk and potential in different ways.

There are a plethora of creative platforms at your fingertips, and the benefits are yet to be discovered. This is my experience with my creative outlet and my business. If you try a more creative approach to life, you will discover the advantages for yourself.

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