Make your award win work for your business

Make your award win work for your business

Winning an award for your business is a fantastic achievement you should share with your customers, clients, stakeholders and your social media followers.

By sharing your success you can promote your business and kick-start a whole public relations campaign.

Promoting your award win is a great way to stand out from your competitors, boost your credibility and reputation, gain media coverage and attract new clients or customers.

Here are some PR strategies you can use to leverage your new award win and promote your business.

Send out a media release
Take advantage of the news value of your achievement and send out a media release to the key journalists in your industry within 24 hours of winning your award. This will give you the opportunity to inform your target audience and promote your achievement.

Here are some things you should include in the media release:

  • Make sure the headline states your business won a particular award.
  • The first paragraph should contain all the key facts of your award win.
  • Include the most important information at the top of the release because a journalist may need to trim the release from the bottom if they have limited space.
  • Include quotes from a key person in your business that is able to discuss the award win, for example the CEO.
  • Include your contact details at the bottom.

Social it
You should announce your award win on all your social media platforms. You could upload the media release to your website and link your social media posts back to it. Make sure you include lots of pictures from the event because they will grab attention.

Make an announcement on your website
Announce your achievement on your website homepage or news section. You can include a description of how you won the award, the award logo and some pictures from the event. You should also include a paragraph about the award on your website ‘About us’ section. This helps to raise the credibility of your business and shows potential customers you are a successful business.

Include it in your eNewsletter
If your business sends out a regular eNewsletter make sure you include information about your win and the award logo.

Alternatively if you don’t have an eNewsletter you can email your customers and clients detailing your award win. This is a great way to communicate directly with your clients and customers and raise their brand awareness and trust in your business.

Use the award logo
Make sure you include the award logo on your website and all of your marketing material such as email signature, letterhead, advertisements, articles and brochures. This will help to inform potential customers and clients of your success and remind your existing customers of your win.

Display your award
Whether you received a trophy or a certificate you should display your award in a prominent position in your office. You could put it in your reception area or meeting room. This will grab your visitor’s attention and show you are an award winning, credible business.

Use the award to raise your profile
Key members of the business, such as the CEO, should include the award win in their bio and their speakers profile. They could then offer themselves to relevant conferences or events as an expert speaker in the area that the business won its award. They could also write an article on this topic and pitch it to a journalist.

Send the media coverage to your clients
Many award organisations publish a list of the winners in a relevant industry magazine, like the NSW Business Chamber’s Business Connect magazine. You could obtain a few copies of this magazine and send it to your clients or potential clients as a free gift. This is an indirect strategy to promote your business but also provide your clients with something of value to them.

Don’t let your award collect dust in the cupboard, use it to your advantage and promote your business. There are many PR strategies you can implement after winning an award, which will help to raise your credibility and reputation, attract new potential customers and give you an edge over your competition.

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