Make the most of your media coverage

Make the most of your media coverage

When you achieve a great media article what do you do? Do you take note of it and then file it away?  Achieving media coverage is a good way to build your profile, increase your reputation and communicate a message to your target audience.Instead of just filing away your article, you can implement further PR strategies to increase the reach of the media coverage and make the most of the opportunity. This can help more people to see you in the media and build your profile as an expert in your field.

Here are some strategies you can use to make the most of your media coverage.

Include a link on your website
You can publicise your article on your website such as on your home page, media page or about us page. You can write a brief summary of the media coverage to include on your website with a link back to the original coverage online. If your coverage is in print you won’t be able to link to it. When posting about your media coverage online, be conscious of copyright laws. For instance, it may be illegal to scan a copy of the article and post this image to your website.

If you are unsure whether you are allowed to post media coverage on your website, ask the publication for permission first.

Include a link in your eNewsletter
If you have a regular eNewsletter you can mention the media coverage in it. You may consider writing a few sentences about the coverage and including a link to it online. If the coverage is in print you can tell people where to buy it. This is a great way to ensure your customers and clients see the media coverage.

Email your database
You can tell everyone in your email database about your media coverage including clients, customers, stakeholders and employees. You can create an email which summarises the media coverage and has a link back to your website to read more. You can also show them why this media coverage is of benefit to them and what they can learn from it. This is a great way to build your reputation as an expert in your field.

Email new business
If you are negotiating with potential customers or clients you can help get them across the line by sending them a link to your media coverage online. In this email you can explain why the coverage is useful or informative to them. For example, the media coverage may help to explain how your company works or what results you can achieve. If your coverage is in print you can mark the page and send them a copy of the magazine. This is a great way to build your credibility and show potential customers or clients you are industry experts.

Social it
You can post your media coverage on your business’ social media profiles. If your spokesperson or CEO is quoted in the coverage they can post it on their personal social media profiles as well. This will help to increase the reach of the coverage as well as build your reputation.

By posting it on social media it also allows your followers to start a conversation with you about the coverage.

Write a blog
If you have a company blog you can use your media coverage as inspiration for your next blog post. Your blog post can elaborate on the advice you shared in the media coverage and direct readers to the coverage to read more.

Gaining media coverage is a great way to build your reputation. Make the most of this opportunity by implementing some of these simple strategies.

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