Are you sharing your successes through case studies?

Are you sharing your successes through case studies

Case studies provide ideal opportunities to leverage business successes and can be used to reinforce your core messages through “story telling”. They provide audiences, including journalists, with a picture of the benefits your business provides its clients.

Market research consistently shows managers refer to the experiences of their peers when making purchase decisions. You most likely have many “stories” and it would be a shame if you didn’t tell your audiences about the successes you have.

Case studies follow the same format:
Identify the challenge a particular customer faced.
Describe the solution provided by the company.
Illustrate the measurable results gained from using the service.

Many publications require case studies to be written in a specific way, for example Marketing Magazine submissions require the following structure:

  • Background – what were the contexts of the case study?
  • Objective – what did the company hope to achieve?
  • Strategy – how did the company plan to achieve the objective?
  • Execution – how did the company actually implement the strategy?
  • Results – what were the results of the execution? Did they align with the objectives? What did the company learn from the whole experience?

When writing a case study we interview our client as well as their client so we can include quotes and get both sides of the story. The story should demonstrate how your company’s product or service was a key factor in solving your client’s problem. It doesn’t have to be solely about your product or service, but your influence must be vital to the success.

As with any written material used to build credibility it needs to be written well and not be overly promotional. See a sample case study that we have achieved heaps of media coverage, or read a simple written for the web case study.

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