What’s your personal brand?

What's your personal brand

We all know that Nike, Apple and Toyota are brands. But did you know individuals have brands as well? In fact, in this world of interconnectivity, personal branding has become critical.

A brand is the art of standing out. It’s a set of characteristics a company or individual can program to expect a certain quality, consistency, and benefits from their product. Simply, it’s your reputation. Like big brands, you need to start by researching your passions, how you want to be perceived and, define your dreams and then put them into action. If you are planning on becoming a leader in a specific field, you need to figure out your competition.
Once you have figured this out, you need to determine who you are “selling” to? Who is your target audience and how can you speak directly to them? This doesn’t necessarily mean an audience you want to sell products to, it can simply be targeting your company’s management team to get that next promotion.

Now think about what is unique, memorable, and repeatable about you. We are all unique and have our points of difference. And remember, people buy emotionally, so it needs an emotional element. For example, my brand includes – Catriona is smart and serious – she gets results.

Get your brand out there. Start networking with your target audience, publishing articles, join groups on LinkedIn and actively participate. Start a blog and contribute to well read blogs. Use professional photos, and describe yourself consistently on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The online world gives you an amazing opportunity to brand yourself, and separate yourself from the crowd.

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