How to write a good Letter to the Editor


How to write a good Letter to the Editor

When you write a Letter to the Editor, you usually have good reason for it. Editors get hundreds of letters, and it’s at their discretion which ones get published. So how do you get them to choose yours?

Get to the point

Choose one specific issue to address in your letter and offer your argument or support in the opening lines. Ensure your letter is clear, concise and interesting. If you are commenting on an article, remember to mention the article title and date published.Remember that your whole letter may not be printed. By sending it to them you agree that they may edit it for legal, space or other reasons.

Make it timely
The editor is not going to publish a response to something published a year ago. Keep it relevant and be prompt with your response. If you are writing in response to something in print now, send in your letter in time for the next print date – or within two days for daily newspapers.

Check the publications’ specifications
Many publications have specifications about the word limit, style, format, subjects they won’t include. Look up the specifications of the publication and make sure your letter meets these.

Back it up
If you’re going to refute a point or present your own argument, make sure you have the evidence to back it up. Support your point and give reasons. If you feel strongly about your view and you haven’t seen your letter published within a few editions then follow up with a call if it’s an approachable editor. The editor of a large publication may not talk to you, but a smaller trade publication might.

Get permission
Make sure you have the permission of the organisation you are writing a letter on the behalf of. If you are writing a personal letter expressing your views and opinions make that clear. Don’t include your company name, or email it from your work email address.

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