3 tips to make your PR more creative

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Have you run out of ideas for your public relations strategy or you find yourself writing the same thing over and over again?

Are you finding it difficult to generate ideas that can help you find new angles for media pitches or great topics for articles?

Running out of ideas and finding it a challenge to come up with new topics are sure-fire signs that you need to review your PR routine.

Finding new ways and approaches to get your creative juices flowing can help you gain visibility, readership and response for you and your brand; as Albert Einstein once said, “Imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Brainstorming new concepts for your PR strategy can help you stand out and let your voice be heard in the competitive environment.

Here are three tips to make your PR more creative and imaginative:

1. Be visual and ignite your creativity
Research shows that just imagining something can have the same effect as actually doing it. Be proactive and brainstorm ideas on a regular basis. This can help you generate ideas for media angles and articles for your business.

2. There’s more than meets the eye
Think beyond what you perceive. Is that stick a stick? No, it’s a magical wand that turns rooms into butterflies. Pretend a rock is a car or that plane in the sky is a magic carpet on its way to you. Just like in PR, pretend you are the journalist – what kind of articles and topics will stand out to them than others? Start pretending more, and see what happens to your creativity and imagination.

3. Embrace the silence
Silence can create a space for truly creative thinking. Try sitting somewhere quiet for an hour or so, just in your thoughts. Allow whatever comes to mind, and then jot this down, or draw it.

Start imagining and let your creative side ignite. Being more creative and thinking outside the box can help you and your business stand out against your competitors.

Want more PR Tips? Download this free PR Strategy Checklist:

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