Chocolate Company

Here at CP Communications we love chocolate, so when we had the opportunity to work with Cocolo chocolate, the first fully fair-trade premium organic range of chocolate in Australia, we jumped at the chance!

Our client’s ultimate goal was to increase the sales of their Cocolo chocolate range, so our PR strategy was developed aiming to raise brand awareness and Cocolo’s profile throughout Australia.

Although we only had a limited amount of time, we decided that a strategy incorporating traditional PR, social media and more creative initiatives would prove most effective.

Throughout the duration of the campaign we researched giveaway opportunities that would allow as many of Cocolo’s target audiences as possible to taste Cocolo. Cocolo was included in gift bags given to key journalists as well as gift bags given out to celebrities at key events.

Cocolo was further offered as prizes for competitions in newsletters and online sites that we identified as channels which would relate to our target audience. The product was also given out at events and networking functions, resulting in increased awareness.

Tasting at social media events
With an integrated campaign we decided to really use our giveaway strategy to build their social media following. We handed out Cocolo Chocolate at a number of social media events including Social Media Club Sydney and Social Media Women.

A sticker which included Cocolo’s Twitter name, @CocoloChocolate, was stuck on each chocolate bar to encourage people to tweet about Cocolo. This strategy encouraged avid social media users to tweet, upload photos and hold online conversations about Cocolo which ultimately lead to increased brand awareness amongst the target consumer.

Traditional PR
In addition to the social media, we incorporated traditional PR into the strategy developed for Cocolo. Our team pitched Cocolo into chocolate and food related features. We also developed a story around the people behind the brand and the business aspect.

During Cocolo Chocolate’s PR Campaign we gained positive media coverage, established two- way communication with target publics on social media, and provided target publics with an opportunity to experience Cocolo first hand via giveaways. These efforts assisted in both building the profile of Cocolo and increasing brand awareness for Cocolo Chocolate.

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