How to contact journalists

How to contact journalists

Once you have written your media release you need to share it with the media. Journalists rely on people giving them stories and they do want to know what is going on in their community and industry. They want your news.

Finding the right journalists to send your media release to can be as simple as looking through the publications you want it to be published in. You should also think about the type of people you want reading about you and think about which media outlets your target audience get their information from.

  • Put a targeted media list together. This should include the name of the journalist, their position (ie editor, arts editor), email address and their phone number. If you can’t find their contact details in their publication, call the publication directly and ask for them. Try to get direct email addresses so the release doesn’t go to a general publication email address and get lost.
  • Ask your industry association for a list of journalists that they send media releases to, or have shown an interest in your industry.  Add these to your media list.
  • Email the media release in the body of an email including only low resolution images. It is important to send the information before calling, so when you do call the journalists know what you are talking about.
  • Make the subject heading: Media Release – and title of the media release.
  • Wait two days and call all the journalists on the media list. Don’t ask them if they are going to publish the media release. Simply ask if they received the release and if they would like further information or high resolution images. Be prepared to answer questions so highlight key points on the release you want to get across.
  • “No I didn’t get the release”. You will hear that often as journalists receive hundreds of releases a day. If they don’t remember the release, just resend it to them.
  • If you don’t get any media interest, that is OK. You have started the journey of building relationships with journalists and this can take time. Keep sending newsworthy media releases and you will eventually get results.

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