Content Marketing Agency

Edge wanted to position themselves as leaders in the content marketing space. Through clever PR and thought leadership strategies, CP Communications achieved over 160 pieces of media coverage in targeted media outlets.

Through a LinkedIn strategy, the number of people viewing the status updates for the team increased by 326 percent, with calibre of new connections extremely high.

Edge wanted help in gaining new business and connecting with CMOs and high level marketing executives working in big brands, such as consumer brands, retail brands, telecommunications and insurance.

Edge is Australia’s leading content marketing agency. It blends the craft of journalism with digital expertise to create ideas that bring people closer to brands.

The solution

For the PR, CP Communications:

  • Pitched interesting media angles that achieved cut through media coverage.
  • Wrote editorial and opinion pieces for marketing and business media outlets.
  • Positioned the CEO as a thought leader in content marketing.
  • Secured high profile speaking engagements.

As part of Edge’s social media strategy, CP Communications:

  • Used clever editorial content to raise the profiles of the key sales people within the company to position them as thought leaders.
  • Leveraged the power of LinkedIn groups, and Edge’s company page to showcase its work and services.
  • Created a successful lead generation strategy on LinkedIn where specific prospects were identified and connected with.

The results

The social media strategy developed by CP Communications resulted in:

  • A significant increase in the number of targeted leads and prospects through our LinkedIn campaign with an average connection success rate of 58 percent and an average secured meeting rate of 17 percent.
  • The calibre of new connections was extremely high with Edge’s team being connected to the CMOs and senior marketers of some of Australia’s largest brands. These included the CMO of Coca Cola, CMO of GM Holden and the CMO of Telstra
  • Significantly increased the profile and awareness of Edge within LinkedIn
  • On average, the number of people viewing the status updates for the team increased by 326 percent.


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