Why you need to tell your entrepreneur story

The media landscape has changed for storyentrepreneurs. Public relations once meant mastering the art of pitching a story to the media. However, in today’s business and media climate, long-form narrative and conventional journalism now share the stage with social media posts of 140 characters or fewer, and images that disappear seconds after they are opened.

To be successful in the media, you need to own your narrative, share it widely, and become a master storyteller.

Story telling for entrepreneurs

The more your stories resonate with people, the more likely they are to be remembered and shared.

While you may be thinking that you have no stories to tell – that your life and busness isn’t interesting – you are wrong.

In fact, your own personal story is one of your entrepreneurial strengths. The most powerful entrepreneur stories are about passion and transformation – which is something that everyone can relate to.

Your entrepreneurial story

Everyone, journalists included, loves to hear about the entrepreneur’s story.

These closely resemble the classic ‘Hero’s Journey’, which are featured in so many movies. First, you are called to adventure. Then you meet challenges and obstacles along the way. Then, through adversity, there is the achievement, where you find success, and what you were looking for.

And finally, you “return.” That may not mean going back to your hometown: instead, it means building your success, sharing your insights with others, or starting another adventure.

Find out more story angles for your business.

Start telling your story

This storytelling model is a key element of entrepreneurial success. It can be applied in any context to give a robust narrative to your leadership, and provide a lens through which to attract interest and build your reputation.

In the first section of my book From Unknown To Expert, I share with you one of my stories and it is a powerful way to set the scene of the book. It has been used countless times. In fact, it’s the basis of my whole TEDx Talk.

Take the time to uncover your entrepreneur story. You’ll find it a powerful way to share your messages with the people that matter to you.

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