How to get the most out of radio

How to get the most out of radio

Radio can be a tricky medium when you are preparing for a media interview. Unlike print or television, radio does not have visuals you can use to further emphasise a point or use as support for what you are saying. However, radio is an extremely useful and powerful medium and a great way to target key audiences. Here are a few tips on how to prepare and get the most out of a radio interview.

Make the message clear

When taking part in a live or pre-recorded radio interview it is vital that, before the interview deadline, you make sure you understand what you are talking about and how you are going to get your message across in short, simple sentences.

Whatever you do, try not to waffle. Many people when they get nervous or feel as though there is too much silence will begin to waffle on about things that have no importance or bring no value to the interview.

Always remember that radio journalists will never create silence or ‘dead air’ on radio, so don’t be afraid to use short and to the point sentences – the journalist will more often than not have another question ready as soon as you finish speaking.

Talk to your audience – not at them
Radio creates the illusion of a one on one private conversation with the audience. It is much more intimate than television or print and therefore you must be careful about how you converse with your audience.

When you speak, pretend you are speaking to a friend rather than a group of people. Tailor your language so you are including the audience in the conversation rather than just blurting out what you have to say.

This not only shows that you care about your audience, but it also shows you are open to and welcome feedback and others’ opinions. You will also come across much friendlier and more genuine if you treat your audience as individuals rather than a mass of target audiences that you want to get your message out to.

Research the station and the journalist

It is great idea to research information about the radio station and journalist who will be interviewing you. Find out who the radio station targets – what are the demographics? Are they an AM station or FM? Talk back or commercial? Does the station have an area of interest e.g. education or lifestyle? Find out everything you can about the station or program before the interview.

Similarly, research the journalist who will be interviewing you. If you can find out what their opinions are on the topics they will be interviewing you on. How do they normally interview their guests? Do they ask controversial questions? What type of interviews have they done in the past?

All of this information will help you prepare for your interview and will help in how you deliver your answers and decide what key messages will be most effective.

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