Online Business Directories

Catch is an online division of Reed Business Information Australia. Its subsidiaries include,, and, which are online business directories servicing specific industries in Australia.


  • To raise the profile of each directory within the industry’s they target. For instance for industries targeted include building, construction, design and architecture.
  • To position Catch and its subsidiaries as thought leaders on online search marketing.
  • To demonstrate the benefits of Catch directories to the target audiences and increase users.

CP Communications’ PR strategy ensured each subsidiary had its own voice relevant to its specific industry.

The campaign executed for Catch was mainly educational. A large portion of businesses in their target sector were still learning how online marketing can be beneficial so informative articles, tips and comments on this topic were central in the PR materials developed.

The PR strategy for Catch included traditional PR, including media relations, speaking opportunities and drafting expert articles. It also included the development and management of a LinkedIn group, called franchising Australia, New Zealand and India.

Public relations tactics

To generate media coverage, research was carried out with Catch’s customer database to produce data on topical issues, such as the carbon tax. Media releases were utilised to announce the findings of this research and to raise awareness of Catch and its subsidiaries and position them as a credible expert on particular industries and how they are affected by certain market changes.

Expert and how-to articles on online marketing were drafted and pitched in, and industry publications were used to engage target audiences – to educate them on the benefits of online marketing and position Catch (or the relevant subsidiary) as a trustworthy and effective marketing option.

Proactive media pitching was carried out to ensure Catch and its spokespeople were quoted in articles on online marketing targeted towards their audiences. This also included offering spokespeople for interviews to media on particular topics affecting Catch’s target audiences, like the NBN. This helped to ensure Catch and its subsidiaries were seen as industry experts.

Speaking engagements at trade shows and trade association conferences were secured to further position the company and its spokespeople as credible experts in online marketing.

Social media tactics

A LinkedIn group for franchises and franchisors was established to generate discussion within this industry and engage directly with these target audiences.

CP Communications managed and maintained this channel, regularly posting discussions based on current and topical issues as well as linking to content created for Catch’s franchise subsidiary, Franchise Business.


Through CP Communications’ strategies, Catch and its subsidiaries significantly increased its profile among its target audiences and were successfully positioned as an expert on online marketing.

This was achieved with extensive media coverage for Catch and its subsidiaries, covering print, online and broadcast across all targeted industry sectors as well as numerous speaking engagements.

Some of the coverage highlights have been numerous radio interviews on ABC Radio National and regional radio stations, and print and online coverage on, Franchise Review, Dynamic Business, Marketing Magazine, NineMSN, Manufacturer’s Monthly, Australia’s Best Mining, Hospitality Magazine, Factory Equipment News, Architecture and Design and BCI Australia.

In addition, various Catch subsidiaries now regularly contribute (which posts are drafted by CP Communications) to numerous industry blogs such as Build Online, Furniture Online and Dynamic Export.

The LinkedIn group created and managed by CP Communications generated constant discussion and high levels of engagement and grew to 508 members in less than 12 months.

Some examples of coverage:

  • –
  • – Rural Business magazine
  • – Australian Manufacturing Technology magazine
  • – Australia’s Best Building and Construction magazine


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