Pitching & writing articles

Pitching & writing articles

Writing and distributing media releases is just one way of getting media coverage. You can also write an article and pitch it to a publication. You can also come up with a story idea and pitch that to a journalist.

Pitching is where you contact specific media outlets to offer them either an exclusive story, and article or a story opportunity that is more specific than a media release topic. Your story idea could be about a development within your industry, your opinion on a specific topic or where you believe certain trends within your industry are heading. You can pitch via email or phone, however before contact develop a clear outline of your story and ensure it is succinct and compelling.

Many publications are stretched for resources and welcome well written articles. You can write an article that positions you as an industry expert and offers topical, helpful information. Ensure it is written in an objective, informative and entertaining manner.

It should never be a blatant advertisement or advertorial. Determine which publications your potential clients read, and approach editors focusing on what you can do for their readers.  This is an effective way to generate future requests for comments from journalists as it positions you as an industry expert.

How to write an article:

  • Before starting think about what the readers of the publication you will be pitching it to are interested in. Topics can include: identify a problem & give a solution, suggest a new approach, describe the lessons learnt from a project and their applications to other areas or even how to paint/weave/draw whatever your art is.
  • Try not to use first person, so use ‘you’ rather than ‘I’. Write in short clear sentences, using sub headings, use dot points and bolding to communicate key points.
  • Writings are invariably improved by allowing a few days to go by and then returning to your work.
  • Proof read it and even ask someone else to check it. Other people see things you don’t and their final finesse can turn your article from being good to great.

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