So what is PR anyway?

So what is PR anyway

Public Relations is all about effective communication. It helps establish and maintain mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance and cooperation between an organisation and its target audience.

Public relations programs enhance the internal and external understanding of a company’s strategies, objectives and achievements. They build positive public image and reputation.

Many organisations don’t understand the importance of PR or media coverage for the business. This is a common problem that many businesses face even though public relations essential to the success of a business.

Public relations plays a strategic role in identifying, responding to and even creating trends, crafting appropriate messages and providing sophisticated communication methods.

Every organisation survives ultimately only on public consent, and that consent cannot exist in a communications vacuum. The PR program needs to be based on a long-term view of a business’s relations with the various groups of people that make up its public (clients, potential clients, staff, media etc).

Every business has a story to tell which will interest the media. The PR professional has to be an expert at seeing an organisation through the eyes of the editors and program directors, assembling the facts which the media would use, and giving them material at the right time. Anything from a speech to a new product has greater news potential if expertly handled. And it has absolutely no news value if it isn’t released to the media at all.

Public Relations practitioners are pivotal to the communication process between an organisation and their publics. They must ensure that any form of communication is clear, honest and unambiguous so that the messages are easily understood by the respective target audiences.

The power of PR is harnessed by an expert operator, however it must be owned at management level.  It is vital to building business, whether it is used it to establish credibility, enhance reputation or sell more products and services.

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