Sharing your expertise story can transform your business

Your personal brand is crucial to your success Build your expertise storyand your business’ success and one way to build your personal brand is by telling your expertise story.

We all have stories to share, both personal and professional. Your stories can help others and can also let others know who you are, what you stand for and why they should do business with you.

Once you start telling your stories, you’ll find that your story or what you have to say can change other people’s perception of how they see you. This has the power to transform your business, help you get more customers, build relationships with interesting people and elevate your profile.

What is your story?

Stories are powerful because they package data, logic and analysis into a memorable form – easy to tell, easy to remember and easy to share.

Stories can be anecdotes, commentary and opinions. Good stories build emotion and motivate and inspire people to feel and draw their own conclusions.

How to build your expertise story

In today’s competitive business and media landscape you need to know how to tell your story and share it widely.

To help you build your expertise story, answer these questions:

  • What are you great at doing? List them.
  • List the things you do in your day (relating to your work and expertise) that other people would find valuable or interesting.
  • Are there interesting things happening in your business such as innovations?
  • Are there things happening in the news or in your industry that you can comment on?
  • Are there trends happening in your industry or area of expertise that you have an opinion on?

When you have answered these questions, start brainstorming which media you can use to tell your story.

When you start telling your stories you will be amazed with the emotional connection that you start building with them and the relationships you start developing.

It’s time to start telling your Expertise Stories. The media and the world want to hear them.

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