Manage your social media strategy with content calendars

With the ever-changing and fast-paced environment of the social media world, efficiently managing content for your business’ social media channels can become a disheartening struggle.

From the 1.9 billion monthly users of Facebook to 328 million users on Twitter and the 500 million professionals on LinkedIn, there is an incredible amount of people on social media platforms your business can reach. However, it can be difficult for many businesses to produce and publish engaging content and keep up with the fast-pace of various social media platforms.

A content calendar can be the answer to your struggle of scrambling for content at the last minute. Content calendars can be a big helping hand when dealing with your business’ social media strategy as it is a schedule of what you will post and when you will post it.

A content calendar is a holistic view of your online strategy, where you can strategically plan out when, what and where you will post in order to boost online interaction. There are a range of free and paid content calendars out in the market that can help make your content distribution more effective such as Tweetdeck, Edgar and Hootsuite. You can also formulate a content calendar on a spreadsheet or Google calendar.

Here are a few benefits to developing regular content calendars for your social media strategy.

Engaging and creative content

A content calendar is a great way to avoid repeating the same message too frequently or posting incorrect information. Planning your activities and updates will enable you to share fresh content and ideas with your audience.

So take the leap and block out time to plan your content to make sure you are taking full advantage of your social media channels.

Strategic and efficient

Planning ahead allows you the time to optimise content to align with business goals and current trends while still targeting the right audience.

It also provides you with an opportunity to identify key business events (i.e. conferences, launches) and post about the events in the lead up or to source available resources such as images, videos and blog posts to share.

Trying to come up with ideas and write content on the day of posting can often lead to writers’ block or procrastination which can result in missed deadlines. With a content calendar, you know exactly what to post on any given day.

Time saving

Blocking out one day each week or month to create a content calendar will ultimately save you time. This will allow you to shift your focus to monitoring, interacting with online audiences and measuring to better optimise your social media content and strategies.

Content calendars can help you create social media strategies that are simple and organised. Check out some content calendar systems or templates online or maybe create your own for your social media channels.

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