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The Leadership Circle Asia Pacific provides workshops, training, research and support technologies that provide a pathway to evolved leadership.

In addition to implementing a highly successful PR campaign that achieved over 100 pieces of highly regarded media coverage that positioned TLC as thought leaders in their industry, we also developed a LinkedIn strategy.

Their objectives were to generate conversation around leadership, build the profile of the Directors as thought leaders, strengthen the brand and establish credibility.

While the Leadership Circle already had a presence on LinkedIn prior to approaching CP Communications, the group quickly found LinkedIn management to be too onerous a task for them to manage in-house.

CP Communications established a LinkedIn strategy which would take advantage of the four Directors’ profiles, establish the Leadership Circle Asia Pacific company page, create a new group ‘Global Leadership Mind’ and leverage other LinkedIn groups in the leadership space.

The results have been outstanding with high levels of engagement. The company page has grown to 50 followers in just 3 months and updates on the company page consistently attract comments and likes.

In the two weeks following the launch, ‘Global Leadership Mind’ gained 235 members and 16 discussions took place. The Directors have grown their networks and established themselves as thought leaders in the leadership space.

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