You can never have too many contacts

Business, just like real life, is aboutNET 14 surrounding yourself with a support network that can build you up. Without this support, it can be difficult to expand and be successful.

Everyone knows Andy Warhol’s saying, “One’s company, two’s a crowd, three’s a party”. The more people you have at your business ‘party’, the better. You can never have too many contacts.

The real question is, who do you network with, and how?

You need to look at who your audience is, and what platforms they are using.

Here are a a few people you should be networking with and where to find them.

Potential clients

Potential clients are probably one of the most important contacts you can make as they are the way you are going to grow your business. There are two things to remember when trying to network with new clients.

  1. Reach out to potential new clients by finding them on social media and engaging with them. Do more than just ‘follow’ or ‘like’ their page. Comment on their posts, share their content, and mention them in your social media posts. Be the proactive business owner and approach them.
  2. Be seen in the spotlight as an industry expert. When you are exposed in the media as a leader who specialises in what your potential client wants, it may inspire them to connect with you.

People in your industry

Industry contacts are vital for your business. Professional relationships have great benefits like potential client referrals, guidance, and motivation to achieve your business goals.

You should try attending networking events and make as many connections as you can. Also, try and to maintain the relationships you make at the networking events. Learn great networking tips here.

LinkedIn is the best social media platform to network with people in your industry, so if you don’t have an account, or haven’t updated it in a while, start getting more active. Learn more about using LinkedIn here.


Probably the hardest contact to secure and maintain is with a journalist. But when you do get that contact, it can be the most valuable one you have.

Generally it can be difficult to get the contact details of journalists, however if you use Twitter, you can start that first step in the connection. Twitter has become the fastest and easiest way to communicate. Find the journalist you want to connect with on Twitter and start retweeting them, adding their Twitter handle to your posts, or even direct messaging them. Read more about using Twitter to grow your thought leadership and promote your business.

Networking with potential clients, people in your industry, and journalists will build your business up. Making new contacts and keeping a good relationship with them will enable a strong business support network. So start with looking at you your target audience and stakeholders. Then find them on social media, attend events where they are, and maintain all the connections you make to grow your contact list.

Want to learn more about how to network? Download the Networking Resource Guide

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