How to prepare for a radio interview

Radio interviews are an exciting opportunity to have your voice be heard and to help your company be noticed. A radio interview can be a daunting experience if you are not adequately prepared. Take advantage of the opportunity and succeed in your interview by considering these tips.

Know your medium

The nature of a radio interview delivers a one-on-one experience for the listener. To connect with your audience, you must to talk to, not at them.

Radio programs have different tones, whether casual and conversational, or more structured and formal. Knowing the tone of the program and tailoring your message accordingly will help you to connect with listeners.

Know your message                      

Having a clear and concise message is the key to a successful radio interview as it is more likely to be memorable in the mind of the listener.

It is important to present information in a succinct manner to get your point across. Long-winded answers will confuse your message and your listeners lose interest. This will also make it difficult for the interviewer in maintaining audience engagement with stimulating prompts follow up questions. Ultimately, your message must be delivered clearly, and in a way that resonates with the audience. For tips on how to create key messages go here.

Don’t oversell

Although you will have a particular purpose for your interview, whether to sell a book or to promote your website, it is important to not oversell yourself or your business. The audience is not interested in hearing a sales pitch, and your interviewer will not be interested in facilitating it. Instead of continually plugging your cause, subtly weave your call-to-action into your answers. This will also help to ensure that your answers are deliberate and purposeful.

Quick tips for a radio interview

  • Headphones: Hearing the host’s voice and your own through headphones during the interview can be very distracting. Remember to relax, as this will help you focus.
  • Visual gestures: Smile and use hand gestures during the interview. This energy will be translated into your voice and make you sound more natural.
  • Provide bio: Send your bio and other information to your interviewer in advance. This will ensure that the host has a clear understanding of who you and your business are.
  • Cheat sheet: Prepare a cheat sheet of keys points for your interview. This will help you to deliver your message and avoid getting side-tracked.
  • Avoid jargon: Use simple language that your audience will understand and connect with. Jargon will only complicate your message and isolate listeners.

By using these tips, a radio interview can help you to invoke the interest of listeners to achieve your purpose. For other tips and advice about radio interview you can read this blog.

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